about iridium satellites fleet

mission brief

The Iridium fleet since origin has been composed by 66 active satellites, plus in orbit and on earth spares. The fleet is divided in 6 polar orbits of 11 satellites each one. Since 1997 a total number of 95 first generation satellites has been put on orbit. Since January 2019 Iridium Next second generation satellites fleet has revamped the original old one. The following table resume the updated status of first generation Iridium satellites as follow:

Show an Iridium satellite already decayed which has not been captured by astrophotographers

Show an Iridium satellite which flare has been captured by astrophotographers

To show more information, operational status and assigned plan of orbit, and to watch sf rolex gmt master mens 40mm 6542 automatic silver tone the already captured pictures just click on the desired Iridium banner

updated mission table